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Earls Court is a part of inner London city around the Earls Court Street. It is a relatively small town, compared to its neighbors, population number oscillating around only twelve thousand citizens which is only a percentage of what the rest of the inner London is home to. Earls Court Exhibition Centre is one of the largest arenas, concert venues and indoor exhibition centres in the world, it is obviously located in Earls Court. Many past celebrities used to live there, most of them dead by now, for example: Alfred Hitchcock, Lady Diana and Freddy Mercury among many others.

In past Earls Court was a rural area, with a developed agriculture, and belonged in borders of Kensington. 1104 is the date when the first church in the area was built, close by Earls Court Farm which is now a tube station. A rapid economical growth happened between years 1865 and 1869 when railroad reached the area, quickly lowered the unemployment and poverty in Earls Court, which nowadays is a neat and vibrant suburb. There is also a significant Polish and Australian community influence, people even call parts of Earls Court the Kangaroo Land, because of so many foreigners living there, shamefully it is quite the slum. That is ironic, because prices all over the area are rising and Earls Court is quickly becoming an exclusive suburban city.

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