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Kensington is a vibrant area in eastern part of Inner London, the economy of town centered around Kensington High Street which is quite famous all over the world. The artful and sophisticated are full of museum and art galleries is in South Kensington.

Several tube stations and bus lines connected Kensington with the rest of London and its outskirts. It is also relatively close to Heathrow Airport, the most busy and technologically advanced airport in the whole wide world. Kensington has no high contingency buildings whatsoever, even though it has an unusually high population density which is caused be redeveloping old mansions into flats, that reach 6 stories tops.

Kensington is also known for Kensington High Street, that holds the title of 2007s best shopping street in London, it is full of expensive boutiques and high class shops.

Another shopping and entertainment area around Kensington called South Kensington,is known as a center for educational institutions and museums. Kensington houses a staggering number of small green parks, but the main park in the district is without a shadow of doubt the Kensington Gardens and Holland Park, which are both superb choice for a walk in the sun or a romantic picnic.

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