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Olympia in London, is an enormous exhibition centre, space where events, conferences and meaningful concerts take place in West Kensington, it was opened in year 1886 century by the name of National Agriculture Hall. It was known as the largest building in the country during those times, with following measurements 16 000 square meters, 140 meters long and 76 meters wide, the construction was covered by iron and glass. It is now split into four venues and a conference center and together with Earl Court Centre is governed by Earls Court and Olympia company. The closes tube station is located in Kensington and is actually called the Olympia Station, there are also multiple bus lines that cruise around the area.

Olympia was host to many historical music concerts and events, most notable are: the Jimi Hendrix Experience on 22 December 1967, Rob Stewart 1977, Miss World 1999, Chemical Brother 2008, Got to Dance, and all of the other reality shows for mentally retarded crowd. Oh, and a few boxing battles. Olympia is also host to annual London Horse Show, and super fun London Chess Championship, what a sport for spectators. Great British Beer Festival though, is something that I would gladly attend to.

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