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South Kensington is part of the Royal Borough of Kensington, so it is a very clean and neat area, often picked by wealthy folk for their place of residence. It is also very popular among tourists, mainly because of its amazing location and a huge choice of bed & breakfast hotels, cheap food and good communication with the rest of London.

South Kensington is home to many museums, for instance: Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and Natural History Museum. Also institutions like Imperial College, the Royal Albert Hall and Pierino’s. French embassy and College are also located in south Kensington, so are dozens of other embassies, along with a substantial minorities population, Italians and French in particular.

The main consumers hub is at the South Kensington Station, with its numerous shops, café’s, restaurants and extravagant boutiques, that is also where all the fun stuff takes place during evening when the station is beautifully lit up, that and also a little square along the Gloucester Road, are the main entertainment during night time.

Summarizing, South Kensington is a really nice piece of London, with so much to see and experience it is almost impossible to cover all of it, you could visit the area alone and ignore most of the London City and still leave satisfied. Accomplished escorts in South Kensington can help you with that, all of them know the city like the back of their hand, and will gladly give you a proper tour. Apart of their orgasm giving mastery, South Kensington Escorts are also proficient in being human beings, you can even talk to some of them, and quite a few might shock you by being smarter than you might think.

Our girls are flexible enough to accompany you to any situation you might require an escort at, fancy restaurants, bars, pubs, night clubs, you name it. Just call us in advance and make an order, try explaining the situation in as much detail as possible, and we promise you your escorts will be as close to what you imagine as humanly possible.